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6852 Tools minor always 01-13-08 07:11 01-13-08 07:12
new 3.9  
0006852: World 'open...' menu items are not translated
Even if we install translation files, World "open..." menu items are not translated.
This is because that #translated messages are not sent in StandardToolSet class>>menuItems.
I attached a simple .st file to fix the menu. So, please try it.

Or, it would be better to change MenuMorph>>addList:, so that #translated messages are sent to label strings automatically. (In that case, StandardToolSet class>>menuItems can be kept untouched). I also attached this change.
 StandardToolSet [^] (732 bytes) 01-13-08 07:11
 MenuMorphAddListTranslated-mu.1.cs [^] (843 bytes) 01-13-08 07:12

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