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6945 OS-Mac minor always 02-23-08 05:26 02-23-08 05:26
kbrown MacPro  
OS X  
normal 10.5.2  
new 3.10  
sq3.10-7159dev08.02.1 open  
0006945: Squeak main window size and position is not correctly saved and restored with more than one display
Squeak VM

If the main Squeak window is sized to span past the main display onto a 2nd one, when doing a save & quit, then restart of Squeak, the window size is not restored to the previous size, but is limited to the extent of the main display.
Start Squeak, resize main Squeak window to cover main display and part or all of second display, save & quit, restart Squeak. Squeak will be limited to the size of the main display.
If Squeak is positioned to be only on the 2nd display, then save & quit, when it restarts, it comes back up on the main display.

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