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6986 System minor always 03-21-08 23:15 03-22-08 00:25
nicolas cellier  
new 3.10  
0006986: SystemNavigation browseAllMethodsInCategory: does it wrong

SystemNavigation default browseAllMethodsInCategory: 'deprecated'.

You will get a list with a lot of inexisting methods.
There is an expectation mismatch:

SystemNavigation>>#allMethodsInCategory: expects methods from local methodDictionary,

while ClassDescription>>#allMethodsInCategory: will answer methods from local and allSuperclasses methodDictionary

Hence the dumb list returned
 SystemNavigation-allMethodsInCategory-Test-M6986-nice.1.cs [^] (1,345 bytes) 03-21-08 23:40
 SystemNavigation-allMethodsInCategory-Patch-M6986-nice.1.cs [^] (2,643 bytes) 03-22-08 00:25

nicolas cellier   
03-22-08 00:19   
Hmm, it seems that TraitDescription>>>#allMethodsInCategory: would do the right thing... But what relation with ClassDescription ?
OK, allBehaviors does also walk other Traits...

Ah Ah, a method in Trait that is not factored by Traits ?

I can tell it adds complexity, to what i thought would be an obvious patch...