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7014 Morphic tweak always 04-13-08 02:35 04-08-10 11:14
kbrown MacPro  
OS X  
normal 10.5.2  
Squeak3.10-7159-basic open  
0007014: fileList operations on morph saved as file from Squeak3.10-7159-basic, result in non-intuitive error messages
When trying to use fileList 'all possible file operations' to look at code in a morph fileOut, many menu items give non-intuitive error messages. It is not easy to tell if the commands should work, or are not valid for a morph file out file.
Open fresh Squeak3.10-7159-basic, do World/new morph/from alphabetical list/basicButton.
From the button debug menu, do save morph to file.
World/open/file list and select the button morph file, option-click on Mac, then more... to get menu for all possible file operations.
Do change list browser, get rror: Invalid utf8 Input detected.
Do code-file browser, get Error: Invalid utf8 Input detected.
Do load, get Error: can't find EOCD position.
Do 'fileIn entire file', get Error: Not a GZipped stream.

While trying to look at the code in a morph fileout, a person cannot tell which operations from the 'all possible file operations' should work on the morph file.
Perhaps the error messages should say not valid for morph files if they are not intended to work on a morph file.

'all possible file operations' menu has duplications. eg. 'fileIn entire file', 'changelist browser'
related to 0007496confirmed  'all possible file operations' menu has duplications. eg. 'fileIn entire file', 'changelist browser' 

04-08-10 11:04   
This is still in a pre 4.1 trunk image, but I'd say that the 'all possible file operations' menu should be filtered according to the selected file is rather a tweak.

The duplicate entries are another issue and I will open a new issue for this