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7018 Network minor always 04-14-08 09:46 07-03-08 13:16
0007018: HTTPSocket doesn't work when using a proxy server
In all recent squeak-dev images, HTTPSocket does not work for me to get a document as I'm using a proxy server.
The reason for this is that in HTTPSocket class >> httpGetDocument: url args: args accept: mimeType request: requestString two instance variables are referenced that do not exist in that class: HTTPProxyServer and HTTPProxyPort. If I replace these variables with message sends 'self httpProxyServer' resp. 'self httpProxyPort' in the mentioned method, everything works.

Not sure where to report this bug, so I added it here. Feel free to move it to an appropriate category.

This bug is related to 0002753, but is still different as the GET and not the POST method is failing, and can get fixed quite easily.
To reproduce the error you need to use a proxy. Then you can eg. try to open a Monticello repository.

07-03-08 13:11   
HTTPSocket>>httpGetDocument: url args: args accept: mimeType request: requestString is using HTTPProxyServer and HTTPProxyPort as classvariables which don't exist.
Replacing these to varialble with an call of self httpProxyServer and self httpProxyPort take the settings in the Preferences into account.
This was only a first shot solving a today problem without tests and other environments.
This bug is in 3.10 . The 3.9 release have the class side calls mentioned in the previous note.
The version history of HTTPSocket in 3.10 is a little bit confusing. In first place is a version from 2004 and after the last ist a version from 2003. It seems there was a change to the worse