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0007046: Create class prompt doesn't record to changes file
When I save a method that references a new class, it prompts me if I want to create the class when I save



super initialize.

self menuComponent: StMenuComponent new

If I let Squeak create the STMenuComponent class, i don't think it gets added to the change log - as when I crashed my image several minutes later and tried to follow the recovery instructions ( [^] I wasn't able to recover source in that class as it didn't get created in the listed changes (although the subsequent methods I added to it were offered as changes to load). I think its possibly that the helpful prompt to create a class didn't put it in the change log? does this sound correct and is it a bug?

I was using the one click seaside image (which is a 3.10 image with seaside 2.8): [^]

-- From beginners mailing list Klaus confirmed this:
Yes, by using the fresh sq3.10-7159dev08.05.2.image I just reproduced that bug, there's nothing about the new class in the .changes file :(

This is easy to see with FileList => recent changes button on the .changes file.

05-15-08 19:06   
I was able to verify both in 3.10 and 3.8 that in fact the changes file is not updated when you reference an unknown global and ask it to create a new class for you.