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7062 Morphic feature always 05-23-08 22:29 05-24-08 17:59
new 3.10  
0007062: Nicer colors for corner sizer grips
I made them semitransparent, instead of boring gray.
So, they drawn combined with background, resulting more eyecandy. :)
 Nicer grips colorizing.1.cs [^] (458 bytes) 05-23-08 22:29

05-24-08 06:24   
Hi sig,

Browsers have performace (time) issues.
Transparent grips are going to take longer to draw than solid ones.
Possibly much longer. Every movement may need to recreate the underling layers. Or worse. Anyway you should do some timing testing with this scheme (and several browsers open).

An alternative would be to decide on the grip colors once using alpha blending with the background color but keep the grips solid colored.
05-24-08 06:54   
Well, i was concerned by improved look, not by rendering speed.
Then, its better to not draw anything and just change hand form to indicate that you can drag corners.
It would be better than draw ugly gray boxes :)

About speed: A most time consuming operation is text rendering, and browsers having much text.
Also, don't forget about clipping, when grip changes its appearance, there is only need in updating a portion of corner.

And last point: there is no difference between drawing semitransparent grip or solid, because morphic updating a rectangular areas, and since grips not covering a rectangle, background is redrawn anyways!

05-24-08 17:59   
Hi Sig,

You may be right. Still, timing tests would be informative and definitive.

There is a thousand fold difference between the speed of a mvc browser coming up and browser in squeak-dev w/ ui enhancements with fourteen other browsers open.

Timing, in short, has become a usability issue. So it seemed approriate to raise it.

This is said not to reduce the value of your contribution but to enhance it.

If it can be proved not to slow things down, then we will know something important.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace