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7063 SUnitGUI minor always 05-24-08 00:24 05-24-08 10:19
0007063: The new TestRunner does not halt prior to running failing tests
On the old SUnit test runner (the one included in 3.8), clicking on a failing test would pop up a debugger, halted just prior to running your test (at the self halt in TestCase>>openDebuggerOnFailingTestMethod). If you proceeded, the debugger would then pop up again when the assertion failure occurs.

In the new test runner, the first debugger never shows up, and the debugger only appears after the assertion failure.

The old behavior is more useful: the cause of the failure is long before the assertion failure happens, so you usually want to trace the entire test, or at least a portion prior to the failure.

SUnit still is set up to open the first debug window, but the new test runner does not use that functionality. Attached is a changeset that re-enables the old behavior in the new test runner
 TestRunner-debugAsFailure-M7063.1.cs [^] (691 bytes) 05-24-08 00:26

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