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new 3.10.1  
0007086: [RFE] Several TTCFont curiosities seem to call for change.
3.10.1 has a bug in which reloaded TTCFonts seem to change.
I've reported on that in 0006577 and suggested a fix.

This is a follow on report.

For this one in a fresh
3.10.1 or the 3.10.2-rc (basicly before the fix has been

Explore the window that says 'Welcome to 3.10.2'

hone in on the string and notice the font claims to be a TTCFont Bitstream VeraSans but the string itself is rendering in a clearly serif font.

hone in on the font itself and you find that the font believes itself to be TTCFont Bitstream VeraSans but the glyphs themselves are serif fonts.

This is curious.

The initial cause of the bug is that none of the TTCFonts are registered in the TTCFont registry. This can be verified by running the test provided in m6577's report.

The general cure for that problem is to run
"TTCFont registerAll"

However that did not change the already existing fonts.

So my questions are when a TTCFont is not register why isn't the whole font given a substitute rather than going on and modifing just the glyphs?

My other curiosity is why are the black and white forms 32 bits in depth this seems a tremendous waste of space and effort.

My third curiosity is that the space glyph for TTCFonts is not an allWhite form as it is for strike fonts rather is a completely transparent black (i.e. all zero's ). This obviously works at 32 bits but is seems to me odd and probalby the incorrect way to implement it.

IMO all of the MultiLingual font stuff calls for a relook. AFAIK it was implemented by coders in the early stages of their development in squeak programming and a lot of the code I have come accross shows signs of strange design decisions.

Fonts are key to a great number of things squeak requires, especially performance issues. So work repairing them has a big potential payoff.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
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