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7116 any minor always 07-08-08 23:01 07-08-08 23:01
Javier Diaz  
0007116: [etoys] getX and getY return incorrect results for an embebed morph in a rotated morph
Create 2 circles, different diameter, embebed the smaller into the larger, move the group, the x and y values of the two circles are correct.
Rotate the group, then the values of the exterior circle are correct but not the values of the interior circle.
When the morph is rotated a TransformMorph is added to the group, is necesary to correct (invert) the transformation to get the correct value, a change set with a posible solution is attached.
 Player.jdr.1.cs.gz [^] (522 bytes) 07-08-08 23:01

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