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7129 Morphic major always 07-19-08 22:06 07-19-08 22:06
0007129: Layout of rendered morphs has a syncronization problem which affects drawing
For this one
In a fresh 3.10.2 basic image
from Objects get a rectangle
with the red menu>layout>childlayout
check table layout
check shrinkwrap for both horizontal and vertical

From Objects get two curvier morphs make one round and circular the other cigar shaped. (see the uploaded picture).
And embed them both in the rectangle.

Now get a viewer on the cirar shaped oval and make a turn by 5 script and start it turning. (The layout causes the rectangle to change shape as the orientation of the oval changes.)
The picture you are seeing is a thumbnail snapshot of a my larger test set up.

It is also turned 90 degrees. In the original the cigar shape was on top.

As far as I can tell the clipping box is figured before the fullbounds thus it is always one step behind.

For this demo it leaves a good portion of the morph undisplayed. It is probably also related to the cause of other gribbles morphs drip onto the screen when they are rendered.
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