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7135 Morphic major always 07-28-08 00:07 07-28-08 18:11
0007135: Too many debuggers pop up repeatedly on errors.
In 3.10.2 and other images errors seem to popup continuously after the first one.

I don't have a solid example right now.
But the general annoyance from this problem prompts a complaint.

There are 31-2 callers of #displayWorld
displayWorld is the inner call of #displayWorldSafelyFor:

#displayWorldSafelyFor: sets up an error handling context for
So apparently bypassing it has started to cause problems.

1st Q: Should the other callers use #displayWorldSafely instead?

07-28-08 18:11   
Hmm. Back to the drawing board.

I made a test ErrorProneMorph. When it's checkbox is activated it causes an error to be thrown during drawing.

Playing with it did not raise recursive debugger but caused me to rethink my reasoning.

As long as displayWorldSafely is periodically called morphs with drawing errors will be caught and flagged. So it will not matter if at other times displayWorldSafely is bypassed. It would have to ALWAYS be bypassed in order for the mechanism to fail and recursive debugging to begin.

So the recursive debuggers are due to something else.