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7148 OmniBrowser-Tools minor always 08-06-08 07:04 09-08-08 19:16
Damien Cassou  
0007148: Does the wrong thing when self notify: is sent
It does the wrong thing when self notify: is sent. It is supposed to show a dialog with this text:

You are about to load new versions of the following packages that have unsaved changes in the image. If you continue, you will lose these changes.
- Make changes to any package
- Open monticello and load a version of this package
- A complete debugger appears where you expect a simple message

Damien Cassou   
08-06-08 07:06   
Can the mantis administrator please create an OB-Tools category and put this bug in?
09-08-08 19:16   
Added OmniBrowser-Tools category assigned to Lukas, as requested. For future reference if you don't assign the issue and leave the category as 'Any' then it is assigned to me. As is I would not have been aware of this if Matthew had not pointed it out to me.