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7167 System major always 08-29-08 11:46 09-19-09 20:55
feedback 3.10  
0007167: ReadWriteStream opened with "on: aCollection" always has readLimit 0
"(ReadWriteStream on: 'abc') next"
returns nil

Encountered this when trying in vain:
"Form fromBinaryStream: (RWBinaryOrTextStream on: file contents)"

The reason is that ReadWriteStream is a subclass of WriteStream which does "readLimit := 0" in its WriteStream>on: method.

my fix is:
'From Squeak3.10-basic of 26 May 2008 [latest update: 0007160] on 29 August 2008 at 1:27:05 pm'!

!ReadWriteStream methodsFor: 'private' stamp: 'nf 8/29/2008 13:26'!
on: aCollection
'fixing the bug that a ReadWriteStream had the readLimit set to 0 from the WriteStream>on: method'
    super on: aCollection.
    readLimit := aCollection size! !
After fixing this I saw immediately one side effect:
A real time clock in a seaside interface showed extraneous garbage characters at the end. I suspect this is another bug.
A cursory glance at references to ReadWriteStream seems to indicate that most uses are for writing rather than reading which would explain why this bug was not noticed before.

08-29-08 12:32   
Found a better fix for my problem:
(ReadWriteStream with: 'abc') reset next
It seems like "on:" is for writing
and "with:" is for reading and writing.
10-01-08 01:35   
Do others agree with Norbert?
nicolas cellier   
03-05-09 19:35   
Good questions could be
What does ANSI says ?
What do other dialects do ?
And last, is it worth changing ?
(how much code would break ?)
nicolas cellier   
09-19-09 20:55   
Note: VW and Dolphin behave same as Squeak...
VW (ReadWriteStream on: 'abc') next -> nil
Dolphin (ReadWriteStream on: 'abc') next -> EndOfStreamError

But using #with: leads to same results as using #on: and is thus different than Squeak.
If I understand correctly, VW and Dolphin #with: are ANSI compliant, Squeak is not: ANSI says the stream initially has no future value (for read).