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7185 Compiler minor always 09-11-08 18:35 05-12-14 23:29
closed 3.10.2  
0007185: Deprecate MethodNode>>selector:arguments:precedence:temporaries:block:encoder:primitive:
This method has no users of of 3.10.2 and has been replaced with MethodNode>>selector:arguments:precedence:temporaries:block:encoder:primitive:properties:

See 0005936
related to 0005936closed  [FIX] MethodNodeAPIFix-md (backward compatibility fix for MethodNode API) 
 MethodNode-deprecation-M7185.1.cs.gz [^] (365 bytes) 09-11-08 18:38

09-11-08 18:39   
If I remember correctly deprecation policy is to: 1. mark it as deprecated in a release, 2. leave it as marked for the next release, 3. remove it for the following release.
nicolas cellier   
05-12-14 23:29   
Since then, Eliot has redefined

DecompilerConstructor>>codeMethod: selector block: block tempVars: vars primitive: primitive class: class

to reuse this method... So it must not be deprecated anymore

Note that previously, above DecompilerConstructor did pass the original method properties, Eliot's version is passing an AdditionalMethodState new instead.
I can't judge which is right, I have to trust Eliot.