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7193 Network minor always 09-16-08 13:52 01-23-09 19:52
Marco Schmidt  
new 3.10.2  
0007193: Could not authenticate against a proxy/firewall...
Could not authenticate against a proxy/firewall...
In HTTPSocket class>>httpGetDocument: url args: args accept: mimeType request: requestString

        Transcript show: page; cr."
    sock sendCommand: 'GET ', page, ' HTTP/1.0', CrLf,
        (mimeType ifNotNil: ['ACCEPT: ', mimeType, CrLf] ifNil: ['']),
        'ACCEPT: text/html', CrLf, "Always accept plain text"
+ HTTPProxyCredentials,
        HTTPBlabEmail, "may be empty"
        requestString, "extra user request. Authorization"
        self userAgentString, CrLf,
        'Host: ', serverName, ':', port printString, CrLf. "blank line
duplicate of 0000912feedback KenCausey Put proxy authentication back in HTTPSocket 

Marco Schmidt   
09-16-08 14:08   
The 3.9.1 image (sq3.9.1-7075web08.09.1.images) downloaded from [^] has the same problem.
Marco Schmidt   
09-16-08 14:10   
There is a relationship to bug number 0000912