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7227 Browser major always 11-16-08 22:37 11-19-08 18:51
new 3.10.2  
0007227: Can't remove unpackaged categories
Trying to remove an unpackaged category results in a walkback. [^] (585 bytes) 11-16-08 22:37

11-17-08 19:58   
Hi ckasso,

Thanks for using mantis to report a bug.
Please add more information as this is confusing.

Why did you upload a fileout of the dnu method?

It would help to describe clearly starting from a fresh image. (basic 3.10.2 image prefered.) What specificly one needs to do to reproduce the error.

In particular I suspect the browser you are using plays a role.
OmniBrowser or old fashions system browser?

Are you using Damien's squeak-dev image or the basic distribution 3.10.2
from the ftp site?
11-19-08 18:51   
fresh sq3.10.2-7179dev08.10.2 image on linux
I can't reproduce this one but if you can get a package to filein to "Unpackaged"
it will show up in the browser minus its first character and complain when you try to remove package it will dnu.

never mind all that, just try to remove package "serObjects !