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7241 Graphics tweak always 12-07-08 01:39 06-25-10 05:33
@70@ 3.10.2  
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0007241: BDFFontReader doesn't call #initialize
found originally reported to mailing list in 2007: [^]

BDFFontReader class has a #new which calls #basicNew. The problem is that new instances of BDFFontReader must call #initialize and it is not being called. I propose we remove the class-side #new method.
Attached a changeset to remove BDFFontReader class>>#new
child of 0006570assigned tim A Mother for font and font test problems 
 BDFFontReader class.tcj.1.cs [^] (138 bytes) 12-07-08 01:39

12-07-08 06:36   
Hi Tim,

Thanks for taking the effort to follow thru with a report and fix for the bug.

To help get the bug Permanently fixed. It would be good to have a simple sunit test that fails before the patch and passes after.

In this case it would consist of getting an new BDFFontReader whatsit and then asserting that it is properly initialized.

Having the test helps prevent the reversion of the bug in the future.
I mean think about it. Someone must have gone out of their way to create the bug in the first place.
Which means they thought they had a reason.
And no one reading this report knows the reason (or they would have said).
So someone might revert the bug and the test would catch them.
If it exists.

Anyway I leave it to you, but I recommend it as a good learning exercise and a good contribution to the stability of squeak.


Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
02-15-09 05:26   
"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 7241 fix: 'BDFFontReader class.tcj.1.cs'.
"fix end"
06-25-10 05:33   
It shows that this bug was fixed in 3.11. But BDFFontReader class>>new can still be found at 4.1, and also in 4.2-10160-alpha.

I can confirm that without removing class>>new, BDFFontReader can not work properly. So may someone integrate this changeset into trunk?