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7286 System major always 02-15-09 17:43 04-18-10 22:04
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0007286: SerialPlugin doesn't handle arbitrary nodes names (image fixes)
A quick summary of the issue: today, you can open a serial port in Squeak with "SerialPort new openPort:portNum.". Eg,for portNum = 1, it would map to COM1 under Windows and /dev/ttyS1 under Linux.
That's fine, except that recent Linux kernels don't mount most serial
devices on /dev/ttySxx, but on more specific nodes, like /dev/ttyACMxx
for modems, /dev/ttyUSBxx for certain USB->COM converters, etc.

To circumvent it, I modified the UNIX version of the Serial Port plugin to accept either port numbers or arbitrary paths. I modified
SqueakPlugin.c to introduce new primitive calls (plus their
corresponding "exports" declaration), namely:
EXPORT(sqInt) primitiveSerialPortCloseByName(void);
EXPORT(sqInt) primitiveSerialPortOpenByName(void);
EXPORT(sqInt) primitiveSerialPortReadByName(void);
EXPORT(sqInt) primitiveSerialPortWriteByName(void);

The modifications introduced by the attached patch should be transparent for all the existing code base. New code can access the serial ports either with a port number or with the node path using the same Squeak messages: SerialPort openPort:'/dev/ttyUSB0'.
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 M7286-SerialPortManagingNamedNodes-Sk.1.cs.gz [^] (1,315 bytes) 02-15-09 17:47

02-15-09 17:46   
"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 7266 fix: 'M7266-SerialPortManagingNamedNodes-Sk.1.cs.gz'.
"fix end"
08-21-09 03:07   
This is a duplicate of issue 7266, apparently copied verbatim from the original and with an installer tag added. I'm not going to close the issue yet in case the installer tag means something to somebody, but be advised the installer tag references an out of date fix - don't use it. See the original issue 7266 for a correct resolution.
08-21-09 21:14   
As a guess, I suspect the reason is because the original report involves changes to both the image and the VM and the work done on these is done by more or less separate groups. Having two issues allows one to track the status separately for work required in the VM and work required in the image.
08-23-09 01:51   
Ken, your guess is probably correct, and installing M7286-SerialPortManagingNamedNodes-Sk.1.cs after the required VM changes are available would be fine. Actually, installing them right now is harmless; they just won't work yet. My "don't use it" statement is wrong.
10-04-09 18:45   
Change set added to Squeak trunk.