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7297 Files minor sometimes 02-21-09 06:47 02-21-09 06:47
0007297: 'StandardFileMenu oldFile' sometimes gets the wrong file when selecting from a very long directory.
When trying to select a file using:
(aResult := StandardFileMenu oldFile)
in a directory (Mac OS9.1) with 600+ entries.
The file I want is a half dozen mores... down the list.
The file I get is not the file I selected in the menu.

I am using the last Mac VM that works with classic.

It would be useful to know if this is a platform specific bug.
Or a general problem with the StandardFileMenu.

The problem doesn't happen if I put my files in a subdirectory with limited smaller number of entries.

I have added this without the usual formula for reproducing.
I got the same results consistently. When trying to read one file I consistenly got the same wrong file back.
I haven't tried to find out how many entries I was off by.
The wrong file did see to be in a different 'more...' list than the one I was selecting. The directory in question had 600+ files and directories inside,
some of the files were links.

So this is a preliminary heads up report.
If anyone can check this under similar circumstances on more up to date systems and add to the report, that would be useful.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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