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7318 Installer minor always 03-17-09 05:31 03-19-09 06:29
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0007318: Installer Monticello seems to find the wrong package when the name differs only by capitalization.
Installer Monticello seems to find the wrong package when the name differs only by capitalization.

See report of example on Pharo list: [^]

From the report it looks like the installer get clever about finding names by lower casing them before searching.

Hmm. I think this wants to be in an installer category. It is more likely that than a Monticello bug.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

03-17-09 05:54   
Ha, turns out to be a problem with the name of the file changing while being copied from one repository to another.

So I would put this in the MC bug category. The problem actually being that
the repositories have no way to check the integrity of the external name.
03-17-09 16:51   
Moved to Squeak Packages project, changed category to Installer, assigned to Keith.
03-17-09 16:52   
Oops, I failed to read the note. Nonetheless Keith is as likely to dig into this as anyone or maybe Matthew. If in fact this turns out to be a MC and not Installer issue, and this needs to be moved back, let me know.
03-17-09 19:46   
1. The error occurred in the past
2. They are/were not using MC1.5

I have copied many files from one repository to another using MC1.5 without seeing any problem with filenames changing case.

03-18-09 00:36   
So, can we say the problem is fixed as of a later version of Monticello and that Pharo or at least Damien should consider installing a distributing a newer version? Pharo has their own separate bug tracking system and should not be expected to be looking here, perhaps this issue should be moved there.
03-18-09 10:40   
I tried to resolve the report with my first comment. Resolution no action needed.

The problem that does need addressing is that fouling up the external name of a Monticello file in a repository can have unexpected consequences.
Edgar did this during the 3.10 harvesting cycle.

I can write another report to focus on that. I'm just waiting for a "motivating incident".

The action needed here is to resolve this issue or maybe close it.
Tell the Pharo folks if necessary. I don't think it is their mail list seem to have resolved this issue for them.

I would be good to add 'Installer' to the bug reporting categories.

Of course, if Keith is as good as he thinks he is we will never need it. :)

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
03-18-09 11:16   
I fear I have given a wrong impression. It is precisely because I know I am not as good as you think I think I am, that I value the whole community working together. If I throw something together over a weekend I know it needs a team contribution to use it and refine it. The pharo boys on the other hand tell us they are good enough to go it alone, and my lowly contributions are below their participation.

03-19-09 06:29   
Hi Keith,
[OT] reply:

If you throw something together over a weekend then you owe it to yourself and others not to release it until you have slept on it and tested it once or twice.

Programming is like playing pinball if you do it right you get extra chances to play.

No one will have the time to dive in, understand your code, and repair its bugs.

Perfection is not required. Humility in the form of precaution and testing is.
It should not be impossible to find bugs just damn hard. :-)

I appreciate that you work hard and on stuff that Truly Matters. I also fear the consequences of haste. I sometimes sense you push TOO hard and it scares me.

Other than that I value your qualities of energy, persistence and stubbornness.

Cheers -Jer