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7337 Janitorial major N/A 04-18-09 01:49 04-18-09 01:49
0007337: Tracking squeak issues on Ubuntu's bug tracker.
Most bug reports have the option of being monitored.

If we had a virtual user with an email address, then that user
could monitor the bugs that pertained to squeak on their bug tracker
and feed them back to a list that any squeak bug tracker could monitor.
There would be an archive of problems and their actions all in one place.
Follow up could be done on issues that were solved but not resolved in the form of a distributed fix.

Obviously, once in existence this vitual bug tracker could increase its curiosity to other places beside Ubuntu.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
child of 0007329assigned  Mother for Ubuntu specific issues in installing and running squeak. 

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