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7387 Monticello minor always 08-19-09 13:57 08-19-09 14:20
0007387: Cannot change methods in the orphanage
If you load a method for a class that is not present in the image or could not be loaded, it goes into the orphanage. You cannot then revert the change

To reproduce:
1. Using Monticello 1.5, load OrphanageTest-Test1-kph.7 from [^] (don't load any of the other OrphanageTest packages)
2. Load OrphanageTest-Test1-mtf.8 after loading the above version
3. Press the changes button

Expected: the package OrphanageTest-Test1-mtf.8 should be identical to the working copy
Actual: The code in the working copy is still at the 7 version, since the changed code is in the orphanage

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