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0007449: In 8864 Selection in workspace loses track of line number during spelling corrections.
For this one.

In a fresh 8864 (or earlier)
Get a workspace

on the first line put

on the fourth (or fifth line) put:

nil systemNavigation (for example)

select the fourth line and printit (cmd-p)
( the selection moves over to the printed response )
backspace three times the fourth line now reads:

nil systemNaviatio

select the fourth line and print it.
( The helpful spelling corrector comes up suggesting alternate spellings for systemNaviatio )
The selection should now be over systemNaviatio but it is not.
The selection is on the first line over the corresponding digits.

If the correction is chosen then the misplaced selection is overwritten not the offending code. The expression is evaluated with the correction the answer is written out on the fourth line and the selection is now on the fourth line over the answer. Meanwhile the edit has clobbered anything unlucky enough to be in its way.

In other words the offset withing the line is preserved but the line information has been lost.
This is a behavior that is broken from previous version.

It is also destructive and annoying. Thus the raised priority.

Its presence is blocking other progress.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
 selection err.gif [^] (6,428 bytes) 01-15-10 01:38

02-01-10 12:08   
Fixed in update 8954.

02-02-10 01:31   
Hi leves,

I will look at the fix.

Please note that prepending a # to a number makes it a mantis reference.

What you meant to as was fixed in sq 8954.

Cheers -Jer
02-02-10 02:30   
Cool things in workspaces now work properly.

The thorn has been removed from the lion's paw.

Thanks, --Jer
02-02-10 09:50   
Hi Guys - when you see an issue fixed, can you also resolve it? Otherwise one needs to read the discussion to find out that it's been successfully fixed. Thanks! (both for reporting & for fixing)