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0007466: "End", "Page Up", and "Page Down" keys broken
When I'm using a trunk image and press the End key, Squeak seems to think I've pressed the Page Down key. This is a problem for 3 of my keys:

I press: end
I get: page down
keycode: 4

I press: page up
I get: an unprintable character
keycode: 11

I press: page down
I get: page up
keycode: 12

I got the keycode by running Sensor kbdTest.

03-09-10 19:37   
I get the same keycodes (on Windows), but the behavior is as expected. On which platform does this happen? I can't reproduce this neither on Linux nor on Windows with the latest Trunk Image.
03-11-10 22:51   
problem solved by upgrading to the latest unix VM on