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7474 VM minor always 03-08-10 21:54 05-03-10 23:41
nicolas cellier  
resolved trunk  
0007474: B3DPluginEngine stores into a block argument
If Preference for not allowing such assignment is enabled, then VMMaker update won't load.

Most often, these blocks are used as secondparameter of #inject:into: and do not require the assigment.
Problem is located in class method:
translateInDirectory: directory doInlining: inlineFlag
"Special case for the 3D code. Check all the classes' timestamps, not just one"
    | cg fname fstat tStamp|
     fname _ self moduleName, '.c'.
    tStamp _ 0.

    tStamp _ { B3DEnginePlugin. B3DTransformerPlugin. B3DVertexBufferPlugin. B3DShaderPlugin. B3DClipperPlugin. B3DPickerPlugin. B3DRasterizerPlugin} inject: 0 into: [:tS :cl|
        Cannot store into ->tS _ tS max: cl timeStamp].

Should be:
 (...snip...) inject: 0 into: [:tS :cl| tS max: cl timeStamp].

03-09-10 01:41   
Actually, this plugin is part of package Balloon3D (not VMMaker). The Balloon3D project on SqueakSource already has the fix applied, and this is the version of Balloon3D referenced in the MCM for VMMaker. What repository did your source come from?
05-03-10 23:41   
Patch applied in the appropriate respository