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7496 Morphic tweak always 04-08-10 11:14 04-08-10 11:16
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0007496: 'all possible file operations' menu has duplications. eg. 'fileIn entire file', 'changelist browser'
Open a File List
Select a file
Open a menu on that file (eg. right click)
Select more...
See the 'all possible file operations' menu
There are duplicate entries in it
'open the graphic as a morph'
'use graphic as background'
'add file to new zip'
'open in zip viewer'
'extract all to...'
'load as book'
'changelist browser'
'recent changes in file'
'changelist browser'
'open for playback'
'code-file browser'
'conflicts with updated methods'
'remove line feeds'
'fileIn entire file'
'read graphic into ImageImports'
'open graphic in a window'
'use graphic as background'
'fileIn entire file'
'view decompressed'
'decompress to file'
'compress file'
'load as morph'
'merge the translation file'
'load as project'
'install SAR'
'open in midi player'
'install ttf style'
'open true type font'
'load as morph'
related to 0007014confirmed  fileList operations on morph saved as file from Squeak3.10-7159-basic, result in non-intuitive error messages 

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