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7581 Kernel minor always 12-09-10 17:31 12-14-10 00:11
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0007581: ScaledDecimals with radix higher than 28 are parsed as Floats or Integers by SqNumberParser
28r0s0 is equal to 0 as expected, but 29r0s0 is 812, because $s is treated as a digit. The cause of the problem is that the #digitValue of $s is the same as of $S , therefore NumberParser >> #nextElementaryLargeIntegerBase: treats $s as a valid digit.

nicolas cellier   
12-14-10 00:11   
OK, since the lowercase digit values where added, 29r0s0 is now ambiguous...
Mostly the same problem as 16r1.0e4

The options are
- to remove support for alternate radix
- to revert the lowercase digit values change

Concerning the ScaledDecimals, I would expect them to be 10-based from their name.
See 0006696 : how many digits should use 0.1s2 when printed in base 2 ?

See also 0006482 : (1/3.0s1) storeString could as well be printed literally as 3r0.1s1 if it would make any sense.

I would not miss such weirdness.