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7583 Kernel minor always 12-13-10 21:40 12-31-10 06:40
0007583: Float does not use FloatMathPlugin for bit-consistent float math across platforms
Croquet requires that all float operations be bit-reproducable across platforms, and the FloatMathPlugin was made to ensure this works. However, the squeak image does not currently ensure this. Attached is a file-in from Croquet that puts FloatMathPlugin (which is in the VM but apparently unused) to good use. It is also available in the inbox: Kernel-mtf.527
To test this, load Croquet-Kernel (attached), and ignore the initialization errors. Run the test case CroquetVMTests in Croquet-Kernel-Tests. All the float tests in it will pass after the attached changeset is filed in. There are 3 failing and 2 error test cases when I run this on a clean trunk image, but those are unrelated to this issue
related to 0007592closed lewis FloatMathPlugin crashes the VM if compiled with gcc optimization 
 UseFloatMathPlugin.2.cs [^] (11,508 bytes) 12-13-10 21:40
 Croquet-Kernel-mtf.86.mcz [^] (83,357 bytes) 12-13-10 21:58

12-31-10 06:40   
The updates have been applied to Squeak trunk. Issues associated with the plugin (see Mantis 7592) are identified and resolved for future VM builds. Running updated trunk with some current VMs may cause problems.