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7679 Kernel minor always 11-16-11 12:34 11-16-11 12:34
0007679: Storing on a ReferenceStream may fail if stream is non-positionable
For certain objects, storing on a ReferenceStream will fail if the underlying stream is not positionable. This causes problems when serializing objects directly over a non-positionable stream such as an OS pipe or a socket stream.

The attached ReferenceStreamTest-dtl.1.cs demonstrates the issue.
This issue has existed for a long time and probably is related to some workarounds implemented long ago in ReferenceStream>>beginInstance:size: and DataStream>>writeRectangle (and possibly others). The issue was exposed when testing RemoteTask <> [^] which serializes objects on a ReferenceStream on an OS pipe.
 ReferenceStreamTest-dtl.1.cs [^] (4,767 bytes) 11-16-11 12:34

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