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7680 OS-Mac major have not tried 11-17-11 21:55 12-06-11 19:00
new 4.2  
0007680: MultiByteFileStream(StandardFileStream)>>primSize: failed
On a freshly downloaded All-In-One Squeak v4.2, whenever I Do-It or Inspect on a piece of code - whether in a Workspace or in a tutorial from the help browser (on XML) where I found it first - I get the error on #primSize: in the summary. When I open the debugger, it looks like this, where id is nil:

primSize: id
    "Answer the size of this file."

    <primitive: 'primitiveFileSize' module: 'FilePlugin'>
    self primitiveFailed

In the tutorial (the only one on XML), I tried to inspect (CTRL-i) this piece of code:

    | doc |
    doc := HTTPClient httpGetDocument: ''. [^]
    XMLDOMParser parseDocumentFrom: (ReadStream on: (doc content)).

It does not matter what the code is, however. Even something as simple as 2 + 2, and choosing Print-it, results in the same error. However, when I do Transcript show: 'Hello, World!'; cr. in a Workspace, the transcript window _does_ show the string and return carriage, although the same error pops up!

I am a rookie, and have never used Squeak or any other Smalltalk system before, although I do know a bit about Smalltalk from books and articles.

This is serious enough to make the whole system unusable for me. Is there any consensus about what to do in such situations? Should I update squeak as a work-around, unless there is a simple work-around or a configuration that can be done? I have a laptop with Windows 7 I intend to try the All-In-One installation on as well, and see if the same issue can be reproduced.
 SqueakDebug.log [^] (8,288 bytes) 12-06-11 18:49

11-18-11 16:59   
I just tried on MS Windows 7 with the same Squeak v4.2 All-In-One unzipped. Right-clicking behaves very differently on MS Windows 7 where the halos popup. I am not sure about the different configurations, but at least do-it, inspect, print-it and so far work as expected on Windows, so the issue seems to be for Mac OS only.
12-02-11 10:15   
Seems to be an issue with limited access to the changes file. Could you please evaluate the following expression in a workspace on your Mac and paste the result here?

SourceFiles collect: [ :each | each ifNotNil: [ each isReadOnly ] ] as: Array
12-04-11 02:21   

  evaluates to

an ExpandedSourceFileArray(MultiByteFileStream: '/Applications/Squeak 4.2' MultiByteFileStream: '/Applications/Squeak 4.2')


SourceFiles collect: [ :each | each ifNotNil: [ each isReadOnly ] ] as: Array

  evaluates to

#(true false)

That is strange, because the file permissions for SqueakV41.sources by "ls -l" in a Terminal are

-rwxr-xr-x 1 Dennis staff 26002240 17 Apr 2010 /Applications/Squeak 4.2

and I am logged in as Dennis when running Squeak.
12-04-11 02:25   

-rw-rw---- 1 Dennis staff 2310018 4 Dec 03:19 /Applications/Squeak 4.2

I am not sure I understand the answer of SourceFiles#collect:as:

12-06-11 14:51   
The sources file should be opened as readonly and the changes file be writeable, so the result you had looks fine. Can you please attach the SqueakDebug.log file right after the error occurs?
12-06-11 19:00   
I could only find one SqueakDebug.log from 17 Nov 2011 when I downloaded the image and VM. I was not able to reproduce the error, and in fact this time things worked, do-it, print-it, inspect-it and so forth, and I can see halos as well. Strange.

I tried to remember if I had done anything differently, and the only thing I can recollect is that the previous time I ran all the TestCaseS in the TestRunner before trying the tutorial. I did this again with the same test result as before 2831/2343 passes, but I can still not reproduce the error afterwards.

I was able to go through the rest of the tutorial (Retrieving XML data) without any trouble. Everything seems to work fine.

I can no longer reproduce the bug, or anything resembling the previous behavior. I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.