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7708 SqueakMap minor always 12-21-12 10:55 12-27-12 13:31
resolved 4.4  
none 4.4  
0007708: Zippers package is shown in SqueakMap for 4.4. but does not load
Frank Shearar's 'Zippers' package [^]
is shown as a loadable SqueakMap entry for 4.4

However if I press 'Install' two dialog boxes
'The package has no published release for your Squeak version, try
releases for any Squeak version' appear.

After confirming to times with 'Yes' (= I still want to load it)

nothing seems to happen....

12-21-12 14:04   
SqueakMap does not consider 'Squeak 4.4' and 'Squeak4.4' to be the same version, but it probably should do so. Remove spaces from the version string compare. Fixed in trunk with SMBase-dtl.131.

Note that in general it is best if the SqueakMap version names match the actuals, but allowing spaces seems harmless so this patch resolves the immediate problem.