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7807 Morphic minor always 01-08-14 18:26 01-14-14 00:31
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0007807: Morphic drag/drop methods with confusing code and comments
After digging around a large number of drag/drop related methods I have
a) a rather better understanding of how it works
b) a small list of rather odd methods that seem in need of a moments consideration and probably improving.

There seems to be some confusion about the meaning and use of #isPartsBin[:] & #isPartsDonor[:], a rather confused PasteUpMorph>repelsMorph:event: (and #wantsDroppedMorph:event:), and the usual confused and/or outdated comments that mislead the reader.
The attached change set is a bunch of methods where I have simply commented what I suspect to be wrong or in need of improving. Just before a release is not a time to change a basic bit of code in PasteUpMorph without review.
 DragDropQuestions.1.cs [^] (4,509 bytes) 01-08-14 18:26

01-14-14 00:31   
A couple of extra uglinesses from Karl Ramberg-

A few comments:
CompoundTileMorph contain other morphs that wants drops, so I don't think you can reject drops to it.

Morph>>mouseDownPriority shows some of the confusion with isPartsBin and isPartsDonor