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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000168 [Squeak Packages]
minornew09-22-04[FIX] Jabber - UnknownEntity, startStepping
   0000167 [Squeak Packages]
minornew09-22-04[BUG] Magma repository creation
   0000166 [Squeak Packages]
minornew09-22-04[BUG]MagmaUserError class(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #currentReadStrategy
   0000165 [Squeak Packages]
featurenew09-22-04[BUG] Jabber - fails for unknown tags
minorfeedback09-17-04Adding a field clobbers accessing methods
   0000136 [tweak]
minorassigned (andreas)09-08-04Font Tool does not change the text
   0000137 [tweak]
minornew09-08-04Color Tool layout wacky at large System Font sizes
   00001343[Squeak 5.2]
minornew09-08-04Windows installer puts user Squeak files under "C:\My Squeak", not under user home directory
minorresolved (tedka)09-07-04CTextEditor size will not respond to the amount of text
  00001081[Squeak 5.2]
tweakfeedback (ned)09-05-04Readouts do not use etoys font
   0000114 [Squeak 5.2]
featureacknowledged09-05-04HandMorph while dragging a morph vanishs over Trashcan
   0000080 [tweak]
minornew08-17-04changing the height of SimpeTextEditor
   0000072 [tweak]
minornew08-13-04Embedding a CTextField with a dropshadow causes infinite expansion
   0000063 [tweak]
tweakresolved (andreas)08-10-04Changing CPlayer Visible Does Not Cause #flagsChanged As Expected
   0000062 [tweak]
tweakresolved (andreas)08-10-04Changing CPlayer Visible Does Not Cause #flagsChanged As Expected
crashresolved (andreas)08-05-04Key events cause exception
   0000059 [tweak]
tweaknew08-05-04senders of... oblivious to annotations
minorresolved (andreas)08-04-04Objects Open in CProjcectBuilder
   0000054 [tweak]
tweakresolved (andreas)08-04-04Un-hiding Squeak window => event w/ bad key
blockresolved (andreas)08-04-04Use of option -key in tweak browser windows can cause failure
   0000055 [tweak]
minornew08-04-04Shift-Enter Is Not Sent As Enter Key Press
majorresolved (andreas)08-01-04Cannot assign more than one runScript to an object
majorresolved (andreas)08-01-04Monticello destroys classes with fields
majorresolved (andreas)07-30-04Adding scripts via a class method fails
majorresolved (andreas)07-29-04Ticking Methods and Inspectors Cause Chasing Scripts
minorresolved (andreas)07-21-04player as mousecursor continuously invalidates
majorresolved (andreas)07-21-04Any exception breaks event link to windows
minorconfirmed (andreas)07-08-04position: can't accept Floats in the Point
minorresolved (andreas)06-29-04forEach: #tick do: [...] until: #mouseUp
   0000024 [tweak]
minornew05-20-04#translateBy clippingTo during modifies canvas
   0000021 [tweak]
featurenew05-12-04Feature request: idle trigger
minoracknowledged05-07-04alpha fill is wrong when costume is rotated
   0000017 [tweak]
featurenew05-07-04embedded players do not cast a shadow
   0000015 [tweak]
featurenew05-06-04bewareOf: annotation requires hashmark
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