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0004873 [Squeak] Morphic minor N/A 09-11-06 02:59 10-09-07 02:53
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Summary 0004873: Can we remove the mouseOverHalo option? It is of limited use as implemented.
Description I am playing with 3.9g

When enabled the only thing that gets a mouse over halo is a sketch morph owned by the current world.
Nothing else seems to notice the option.

For this one:
In a preference browser >halos enable mouse over halos.

notice nothing gets mouse over halos until you create a sketch morph.

from object>presentation get a playfield

drop the sketchmorph in the playfield.

notice it no longer gets mouse over halos.
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The is a lot of code that supports deciding (against) using mouse over halos even when they are enabled.

I think they ought to find a champion to justify their existance or go away.

The reason is to make squeak more maintainable.

Theortically each combination of squeak preferences needs to be tested to insure everything works.

In practice gammas are pushed out w/o the impractically large number of tests being tried. Because practically the squeak development community lacks the resources to fix the large number of bugs that would be found.

This is BAD.

And it cannot be fixed all at once.

However steps can be taken in the right direction to restructure and simplify what must be maintained.

Identifing and eliminating unneeded options and behavior is one such step. And the first steps are the biggest savings.

Each preference eliminated halves the necessary tests and maintainence tasks.

So can we eliminate this from squeak and make it more maintainable?

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace
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(0007091 - 665 - 787 - 787 - 787 - 787 - 787)
09-13-06 05:12

The preference is critical for an important part of the user base and should be maintained and supported. Quoting from Kim Rose:

"This preference was created especially for childrens' use and is
quite helpful to kids first learning to work with sketches and
manipulating them via the handles in the halo. Is there a reason
that merely opting *not* to use this preference and saving an image
this way will not suffice your need?
Certainly for the "Squeak" image (vs. the "Squeakland" image) this
may not be problemmatic as we advise any teacher, parent or child
using Squeak to make eToys to use the "Squeakland image" which has
this option.
  -- Kim
(0007149 - 1081 - 1255 - 1255 - 1255 - 1255 - 1255)
09-15-06 01:29

Hi lewis,

Thank you and Kim for your feedback. I do consider Kim's word definitive.

So there should be a way to get pop -up halos over sketch morphs.

This does not completely close this issue.

There are two other ways to remove this option.

1) To decide it can always be on.
2) To eliminate this by merging the decision it makes into a more global
preference. Such as a Squeakland preference.

Or maybe a Squeakdev, Squeakland, Smallland radio box preference.
Then rewriting the decisions to check for the appropriate global preference rather than this one which applies in a very limited case.

The story I am working on is:

Squeak should have fewer preferences.
Users looking at the preference should have some way of telling if they want them selected or not.

A release should ideally test all combinations of preferences to prove its consistency.

The last statement can't be doable until the number of global preferences is greatly reduced.

Probably more doable is.
Squeak should test as many combinations of preferences as possible.

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