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0006735 [Squeak] Tools minor always 10-19-07 01:47 10-19-07 07:05
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Summary 0006735: Enhanced ECompletion
Description On 1/9/07, Chris Muller <> wrote:
> Hi Ruben, I have made some enhancements to e-completion that have
> rekindled my interest in using it all the time.
> When 3.01 was first released, you made some wonderful enhancements for
> me that allowed me to remain with mouseOverForFocus and also to
> maintain the selection if there was one whenever the "surround"
> characters were typed.
> With those ehancements, I loved it and used it for a while.
> But I found myself constantly bailing out of it and going searching for
> a browser to look up because I couldn't easily match on the front.
> Eventually, I started just always going for the browser.
> That was a shame because ECompletion is so gorgeous. Just this weekend
> I finally decided making ECompletion use the same "contains" pattern
> matching I was using to a browsers except with the speed and beauty of
> ECompletion. Please find attached the following enhancements:
> ECompletion-cmm.84.mcz
> - Default to typed instead of untyped.
> - Make selector search match anywhere in each entry, but sort entries
> that beginWith to the top.
> ECompletion-cmm.85
> - Bring the "contains" logic to untyped searches too.
> - Preserve performance of the above by limiting the result list to
> 500 choices.
> - When the list is displaying exactly 500 choices, the page counter
> will read "1/more" instead of "1/37" (or whatever).
> "Default to typed instead of untyped" is a misnomer in the version
> comment; I meant to say, "Default to not extended instead of extended
> (+Object and ProtoObject)." IMO, this is real nice because sometimes
> "intent" is conveyed by just seeing the terse API concisely.
> I also fixed where, when looking for class-side constructor methods, it
> was including everything from Object class thru Behavior..
> Construction is a breeze now!

Note there may be a slight performance penalty for the above, but my overall productivity has more than made up for it.
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Attached Files  ECompletion-cmm-M6735.85.mcz [^] (60,112 bytes) 10-19-07 01:48

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Damien Cassou
10-19-07 07:05

I've integrated your changes into ECompletion-dc.89. Could you please verify if the merge is ok (particularly ECTypedModel>>initializeSelectorsFor: because your change was based on an old version of this method).

Thanks for your work

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10-19-07 01:47 chris New Issue
10-19-07 01:48 chris File Added: ECompletion-cmm-M6735.85.mcz
10-19-07 07:05 Damien Cassou Note Added: 0011356

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