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0007622 [Squeak] Morphic minor always 04-19-11 17:15 05-15-11 22:35
Reporter garydunnhi View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open Platform
Status new   OS
Projection none   OS Version
ETA none Fixed in Version Product Version 4.2
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Summary 0007622: Book morph save as new-page prototype fails
Description setNewPagePrototype
    "Record the current page as the prototype to be copied when inserting new pages."

    currentPage ifNotNil:
        [newPagePrototype := currentPage veryDeepCopy].

veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier
    "Copy me and the entire tree of objects I point to. An object in the tree twice is copied once, and both references point to him. deepCopier holds a dictionary of objects we have seen. Some classes refuse to be copied. Some classes are picky about which fields get deep copied."
    | class index sub subAss new uc sup has mine |
    deepCopier references at: self ifPresent: [:newer | ^ newer]. "already did him"
    class := self class.
    class isMeta ifTrue: [^ self]. "a class"
    new := self clone.
    (class isSystemDefined not and: [deepCopier newUniClasses "allowed"]) ifTrue: [
        uc := deepCopier uniClasses at: class ifAbsent: [nil].
        uc ifNil: [
            deepCopier uniClasses at: class put: (uc := self copyUniClassWith: deepCopier).


            deepCopier references at: class put: uc]. "remember"
        new := uc new.
        new copyFrom: self]. "copy inst vars in case any are weak"
    deepCopier references at: self put: new. "remember"
    (class isVariable and: [class isPointers]) ifTrue:
        [index := self basicSize.
        [index > 0] whileTrue:
            [sub := self basicAt: index.
            (subAss := deepCopier references associationAt: sub ifAbsent: [nil])
                ifNil: [new basicAt: index put: (sub veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier)]
                ifNotNil: [new basicAt: index put: subAss value].
            index := index - 1]].
    "Ask each superclass if it wants to share (weak copy) any inst vars"
    new veryDeepInner: deepCopier. "does super a lot"

    "other superclasses want all inst vars deep copied"
    sup := class. index := class instSize.
    [has := sup compiledMethodAt: #veryDeepInner: ifAbsent: [nil].
    has := has ifNil: [class isSystemDefined not "is a uniClass"] ifNotNil: [true].
    mine := sup instVarNames.
    has ifTrue: [index := index - mine size] "skip inst vars"
        ifFalse: [1 to: mine size do: [:xx |
                sub := self instVarAt: index.
                (subAss := deepCopier references associationAt: sub ifAbsent: [nil])
                        "use association, not value, so nil is an exceptional value"
                    ifNil: [new instVarAt: index put:
                                (sub veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier)]
                    ifNotNil: [new instVarAt: index put: subAss value].
                index := index - 1]].
    (sup := sup superclass) == nil] whileFalse.
    new rehash. "force Sets and Dictionaries to rehash"
    ^ new
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(0014100 - 117 - 117 - 117 - 117 - 117 - 117)
05-15-11 22:35

Please close. This was caused by failure to create master page correctly. A nicer error messege would be appreciated.

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04-19-11 17:15 garydunnhi New Issue
05-15-11 22:35 garydunnhi Note Added: 0014100

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