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0006521 [Squeak 5.2] any major always 06-03-07 06:13 10-09-08 03:23
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Priority normal Resolution open  
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Summary 0006521: Target setting doesn't work for buttons and sliders
Description  See reports 0000503, 0002589,0005392 and 0005567
Additional Information Those reports were applied to squeakdev squeak.. The problem is a long standing, viral snafu and AFAIK still broken in 3.8

I have not been following the squeakland branch to know how to adapt these repairs to the current version of 3.8.

If someone could direct me to the latest development image (and update stream) I might be able to be of more help.
Attached Files  targetOffsetFixes-wiz.6.cs [^] (18,248 bytes) 06-10-07 00:33

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child of 0006530new  Squeak A mother for button, slider and menuItem targeting and argumenting related reports. 

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(0010764 - 179 - 237 - 411 - 411 - 411 - 411)
06-04-07 06:34

Hi, Jerome.

The squeakland dev image/changes can be downloaded from: [^]

... then load updates.

  -- Scott
(0010771 - 18 - 30 - 30 - 30 - 30 - 30)
06-05-07 05:34

Hi Scott,

(0010789 - 2177 - 2476 - 2604 - 2604 - 2604 - 2604)
06-10-07 01:08
edited on: 06-22-07 02:18

Uploaded targetOffsetFixes-wiz.6.cs for evaluation.

This is a compilation of a bunch of fixes for the viral targetOffset bug.

It implements targetsighting for sliders buttons and menus.

It adds #targetPoint to handMorph and it replaces the ill used " evt hand targetOffset" with either "evt hand targetPoint " or "evt targetPoint"

Causal inspection in squeakland-dev 0556 shows that it works for sliders and buttons the way I had intended.

It also works for menus but less well.
For some menu items it works as intended.
It will be easy to target the wrong thing for some menu items.
Also retargeting menus with non-morph targets fails because #isHandMorph is not defined above morph .
A simple:

^false . )

would solve the problem.

It would also be possible to just provide the fix w/o the menu retargeting changes.

My recommendation is to start here and help fix the problems encountered. The ability to retarget is fundamental to the usefulness of morphic.

It works expecially well for buttons and sliders. Once you get a button or slider set up to do what you want. Just copy it and retarget it and it bingo instant gui.

See: [^]

There are more issues with menu items. This was a good start.

My experience is that squeak has a lot of vestigial non-working code in it. That does not cause problems because it can not be run. This also means it cannot be fixed or removed.

I found a lot of that as I delved into this bug. The repair here can be used to add a lot of power to squeak. As well as to uncover other remaining problems.

Feedback will be helpful. Lone self-funded bug trackers lack resources to do everything that needs doing. But I believe this is a really good start.

[OT] Some of the targetOffset problem affect SketchMorph and MovieMorph. The bugs prevent the creation of Movies from a sketch morph. This seems a severe and fixable limitation. The question is what is the story for MovieMorph. Is it used? Has it been supplanted? Does anyone want it fixed? Or does it want to be removed?

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

(0012708 - 85 - 117 - 117 - 117 - 117 - 117)
09-30-08 22:49

"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 6521 fix: 'targetOffsetFixes-wiz.6.cs'.
"fix end"
(0012729 - 255 - 303 - 303 - 303 - 303 - 303)
10-09-08 03:23

Hi Keith,

Just a note to remind you these are fixes compiled for squeakland from ones I've already gotten into 3.9/3.10.

So far no one on the squeakland side has picked up on these.

Maybe its time to bring them to scotts attention.

Cheers -jer

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