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0006703 [Squeak] Graphics major always 10-03-07 05:44 07-24-08 01:58
Reporter wiz View Status public  
Assigned To andreas
Priority normal Resolution open  
Status assigned   Product Version 3.10
Summary 0006703: In sq7143 bolding an Accuny font produces noticable glitch for space. Other font weirdness too.
Description For this one:

In a fresh 7143
Select some text in the Scroll window.

Type in succession
Cmd-1 (text becomes 9 pt)
Cmd-2 (text becomes bigger)
Cmd-3) (bigger still)
Cmd-4 (text becomes 24 pt and is rendered as bold. All spaces have visible glitches in there lower parts.)
Cmd-5 (text remains 24-pt but now has normal emphasis.)

Playing around with other text modifing command keys shows other problems.

In general bolding any large size of Accuny will produce noticable glitches in the space character. The glitches get smaller as the font does disappearing when we get down to 12 point. The glitches are always in the lower portion of the character.

Additional Information The reason for this report is to note a reproducible test that exposes the bugs.
And to note that it is still a current problem in the 3.10 system.

It will be interesting to see if either of them persist past the next changes and patches to fonts.

from the
world>help>command key help

Text Emphasis
    (not available on all platforms)
Cmd-1 10 point font
Cmd-2 12 point font
Cmd-3 18 point font
Cmd-4 24 point font
Cmd-5 36 point font
Cmd-6 color, action-on-click, link to class comment, link to method, url
        Brings up a menu. To remove these properties, select
        more than the active part and then use command-0.
Cmd-7 bold
Cmd-8 italic
Cmd-9 narrow (same as negative kern)
Cmd-0 plain text (resets all emphasis)
Cmd-- underlined (toggles it)
Cmd-= struck out (toggles it)

From this description Cmd-4 should produce regular 24 point not bold. So thats one bug. Whats going on there?

And of course bolding is not suppose to glitch up the space character. So thats a second bug. This one is described in mantis 0003604

Side note: I am running os9.1 on a g3 imac. And while playing with the variations of command keys above I've managed to get the program to quit and the system to crash shortly there after.

Now that might be random or due to other causes. But this is not the only time I have had a mysterious crash while in squeak so I am also suspicious that the font irregularities may trigger a more serious bug in the system. I have no idea what reproduces this error and am somewhat reluctant to chase it. But the question for the font bugs is do they have a possibility of exhausting memory?

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
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related to 0003604assigned andreas Rendering of synthesized bold/italic broken 
child of 0006570assigned tim A Mother for font and font test problems 

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(0012406 - 346 - 380 - 380 - 380 - 380 - 380)
07-24-08 01:58
edited on: 07-24-08 01:59

Bolding uses a bonk form to clear out bits between glyphs. The form is fixed at 1@16 so it fails to work on large fonts.
The glitch in spaces come from the use of big boxes for all unprintable characters. So the character after a space is a box when it gets bolded only part of it will be bonked out ot fhe space glyph. And problems ensue.


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