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0007336 [Squeak Website] tweak always 04-18-09 01:40 04-09-10 22:06
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Summary 0007336: Ubuntu is not mentioned specifically on the download site.
Description People coming to the download page need help navigating quickly
to the information they need.

Even though the page is to busy IMHO, mac and windows users have a way to ignore that and just get their download from the side box on the left.

While this looks like it would work for Linux all the side box does is reload the whole (too busy) download page.
Additional Information Suggestions

First less information on the download page.

Second the side bar could load a special Linux page.
Better the major distributions of Linux could be mentioned by name.


or whatever else makes sense from a Linux point of view.

The 80-20 rule should be kept in mind.

On separate pages reasonable download modules
and al-a-carte should be offered.

Information overload should be kept to a minimum.

Contact info for Linux distributors should be available.

I.E. if they have an interest in distribution options thru their distributions
add/remove function, where is the info they need and how do they contact us when they have problems.

A smoke test project should also be provided.

The smoke test is meant to be run when squeak is first installed.
It should probe/diagnose obvious things. Display, sound, mouse & buttons, keyboard.
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child of 0007329assigned  Squeak Mother for Ubuntu specific issues in installing and running squeak. 

- Notes
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04-22-09 04:13

see also: [^]
Launching squeak (etoys, scratch) on Ubuntu

for the overall user story.

I am beginning to think that the linux download pages should focus on providing

installation launchers for installing squeak. (See the post for what I mean).

Users should have one place to go to get an official squeak download for their system.

The download page is the only logical place to start that is under our direct control.

So I would like to see us take responsibility for using that page to direct a download.

The only information I would expect a visitor to have is the download page location, a desire to have the default "stable" squeak and a knowledge of which system they have.

For the major distributions we should make distinctions.
probably to start.

The focus of this report is solely getting a page up for Ubuntu.
But Ubuntu should be distinguished by name from the other distributions.
And they from Ubuntu.

If we do one right the others will be simpler to handle.
(0013644 - 351 - 375 - 375 - 375 - 375 - 375)
04-08-10 10:39

Currently if you click on Linux on the Squeak page you get to see the latest release files for linux. For now that's all we have for every flavor of linux distributions.
Once we provide different packages or have different repositories for different distributions, we would need to reorganize things.

Until then I would like to close this issue.
(0013681 - 826 - 940 - 940 - 940 - 940 - 940)
04-09-10 22:06

IMO the issue is a long way from resolved.

The pages for download are confusing, imprecise and unhelpful.

Linux issues need their own page.
And some helpful guidance.
That is still sorely lacking.

The Ubuntu issue is that it is a Named, branded, frequently used release of Squeak. As such is deserves a page to guide users who are specifically interested in running under Ubuntu.

We are really misguiding and confusing people with our download documentation.
While not criminal it is rather shameful.

Inaction and inadequate action do not resolve things. I can understand the community not having the resources or interest to solve the problem.

There should be an open issue to remind people it needs to be done.

I do not recommend closing this issue.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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