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0001005: rewriting bracket will highlight the wrong block of code sometimes
whenever a block is written and capsuled in [] brackets (e.G: true isFalse: [])
when typing "]" also the associated "[" will be automatically highlighted.

taking a finished piece of code you can either double-mouseclick on "]" to view the associated block OR mark the last "]" and rewrite (overwrite) it with "]"

assume cursor is right of "]", thus you press SHIFT+LEFT to mark the "]" of interest and rewrite it, the correct counterpart "[" is highlighted.
assume cursor is left of "]", thus you press SHIGT+RIGHT to mark the "]" of interest and rewrite if, the wrong counterpart "[" is highlighted (one capsule above).
a = b ifTrue: [
    b > c ifTrue: [
        ] "<-- rewrite this bracket"

"note: don't delete the bracket and write it again, but MARK the bracket and type ']' to overwrite the bracket"

11-12-10 15:50   
Fixed in Morphic-ul.472 and ST80-ul.119.