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1034 Morphic minor always 04-02-05 15:06 09-26-07 03:13
new 3.9  
0001034: Menu morph disappears
When I do in 3.9 image this:

- let the world (or any kind of) menu morph appear
- let its halo appear
- move this menu morph with the black (drag&drop) halo

then the menu morph unexpectably disappears. Its halo also disappears.

When I do the same in the 3.7 image, then the menu morph also disappears but the halos remain in place.
related to 0001832new  In 6693 A reproducible way to get into a strange state using menus. 
child of 0006530new  A mother for button, slider and menuItem targeting and argumenting related reports. 
 MenuMorphDisappearsFix0001034.1.cs [^] (469 bytes) 03-04-06 16:11

03-04-06 11:52   
After a long debug session (I'm still new to squeak) I have found out that menus behave somehow different then other morphs when they are handled using halos.

-first time you click in the black halo events go to EllipseMorph>>mouseDown:
-second time events go to MenuMorph>>mouseDown:

- events always go to EllipseMorph>>mouseDown:

The bottom line is that for MenuMorphs the control will never rich HaloMorph>>doGrab:with: (only the first time)

03-04-06 15:33   
Look into MenuMorph>>justDroppedInto: aMorph event: anEvent
the last line says:

stayUp ifFalse:[evt hand newMouseFocus: self]

shouldn't be this performed only if we don't have a halo?
If we do have a halo let them keep the focus.
03-04-06 22:45   
Hi cdan,

For more details of menu/halo strangenesses see also Mantis 0001832.

I recently added some new observations to it.

As you have looked into the causes and code you might be in the better position to track down the solution.

Hi kosik,

Good bug find.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace