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0001067: Use of CWorldPlayer eventQueue inconsistent
In the case of a TweakProject Window the CWorldPlayer eventQueue contains Morphic Events and which get dispatched in CHandPlayer>>processEventsFrom:
In the case of a TweakProject the CWorldPlayer eventQueue is the Sensor eventQueue with raw VM events, but CHandPlayer>>processEvents nevertheless directly accesses the Sensor eventQueue.

This just gave me a bit of a headache...

04-12-05 19:35   
IMHO we need a single point of getting events out of the VM event queue. Event consumers would be the primary hand (mouse/keyboard events), the window manager (ffenestri events), a joystick manager, etc. These could be registered by event type and have events dispatched to them. Otherwise, whenever we have some new VM events we have to touch several methods to handle them ...
04-13-05 10:51   
Agreed. We need to fix this; and while we're at it we also need to fix the problem of (ab)using Morphic events. This is the main reason this hasn't been unified - I want to drop MorphicEvents at the same time.