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0001071: CDropDownList doesn't add new items
Documentation in CDropDownList said: "... If the list is editable, then the user can type into the input field. Upon accepting the input, the list will add in the new accepted value."

- click Widgets->Lists->DropDownList
- set the List to... allowEditing: true
- click on the list arrow and pick an item from the list.
- click in the list's textfield (marking the current item) and type in your own text, accept by hitting ENTER

I expect: the list's textfield will show my recently entered text
I expect: the new Item I just typed in, will from now on be available in the dropdown list

what happened: the list's textfield shows blank
what happened: the new item i just typed in, is NOT available as a new item in the list

04-22-05 07:24   
The first issue (item not showing up when accepting) is fixed. The second (item not in list) is not a bug in the code but in the documentation - the class comment has been fixed, too. See also: [^]