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0001177: Feature: popup list widget
similar to drop down list, but without the edit field. Cf. attached OSX Aqua screenshot
 aqua-popup-combo.png [^] (11,350 bytes) 05-13-05 20:18

05-13-05 21:10   
Is there any conceptual difference whatsoever between the two objects in the screenshot? It seems to me that they are just different looks (== costumes) for the same old drop down list.
05-17-05 17:05   
The conceptual difference is that one is an input field plus some options. The down-arrow button signifies "show options" throughout the Mac UI. The other is like a space-efficient costume for radio buttons.

One immediate visual difference is that when you pop-up the options, the list extends below *and* above the widget - the currently selected item is where the button was, it stays in its place (plus, there is a tick mark next to it). In contrast, in the pull-down thingy you see the current value twice, once in the input field, and once in the list.

I think that's why it usually is called a "combo box", it combines an input field with a menu button. And the proposed new widget is found in many other GUIs, too, it's "option menu" in GTK, "menu button" in CDE, even Motif has it.

IMHO the non-editable drop-down list is just a cheap emulation of a real 1-in-n selection widget. If we had that separately, we also could move the existign one where it belongs, namely to the text input widgets.
05-24-05 22:29   
There you go (and thanks to Jens!).