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1207 Any feature always 05-17-05 02:59 05-17-05 02:59
0001207: [ENH] New costume set for CFileDialog.
Set of new behaviors and fixes for CFileDialog

1) Fix: Double click on fileList working
2) Fix: Scroll wheel working.
3) Added label/buttons for sorting on Name/Size/Type/Date.
4) There is always a directory selected.
5) Added a path readout.
6) Modified pattern matching to use a drop-down list, vs tabs.
7) Single click on directory expands it.
8) On collapsing a directory, that directory becomes selected if the current selection is being removed.
9) Improved handling on non-accessable directories.
10) Small visual changes (folder names bolder in fileList, file name field labeled)
This is my first serious tweak task so I might be doing somethings wrong. I am interested in feedback.
It works with Jasmine Croquet updated with Tweak to 535.
I included a small fix to CFileSaveDialog>>acceptFile, but other than that this file out is just new costume classes, so there sould not be any collisions with other code.
 File Dialog Fixed.2.cs [^] (21,433 bytes) 05-17-05 02:59

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