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0001228: trash can added to itself
when deleting the trash can, and then opening a new one, the old one is found in the new trash. Also, dragging the trash can into the open trash viewer creates a copy.

05-19-05 22:21   
Are these really bugs? To me they'r nothing more than the consequences of simple consistency... Think of a "trashcan" icon as an *alias* to the "great trash-bin in the sky". Like any alias (on the Mac, e.g.) you can have many of them, and you can throw them away, move them from place to place, etc., but such actions only affect the alias, not the abstract "trash". When you dismiss a trash-can, what you're throwing away is the *alias*, not the cosmic trash itself. Perhaps this is too esoteric, but it seems to me to be well-defined and consistent...
05-20-05 01:28   
Well, what really should happen IMHO is that the trashcan icon "morphs" into the trashcan view, that is, it disappears. I know that is not what the Mac does, but neither can you drag the Mac's trashcan into the trash folder view.

Aliases are a strange thing to many people (don't even really exist on Windows), and in fact, every other object we drag to the trash *is* deleted from the world, so it looks like the object itself was moved to the trash. I'd even argue that deleting the trashcan should empty the trash. If we introduce aliases at all (in violation of the one object == one view principle), then aliases should be clearly designated as such. They are in the Mac UI.
05-29-05 10:08   
For now, trash cans are no longer added to the trash.