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0001269: Boolean readout in viewer always "falsch"
In the German locale, "true" and "false" are translated to "wahr" and "falsch". This seems to cause the inability to change the value of a boolean readout (like "pen down") in the viewer: it snaps back to "falsch" as soon as you click the up/down arrow, or select "wahr" from the menu. However, when dragging this as an assignment to a script, the resulting boolean tile works fine, allowing you to choose between "wahr" and "falsch" as it is supposed to do.
 SymbolTransAttempt.cs.gz [^] (3,741 bytes) 05-26-05 19:11

05-26-05 19:11   
This one is fixed in the Japanese image and thought it is in the squeakland image, but apparently not.

  By the way, I launched the Squeakland image, switched to German locale, paint a blob and open its viewer, but didn't see 'true' and 'false' gets translated.

So I can't test it for sure, but something along the line of the attached change should fix the problem.
05-26-05 20:27   
yes the attached CS fixes the problem.
07-18-05 04:04   
...However the CS provided should not be published to Squeakland in its current form, because it conflicts with subsequent changes to at least the following two methods:
   SoundTile >> initialize
   Playier >> chooseSlotTypeFor: these would need to be integrated before the CS gets published to Squeakland.

The proffered CS is pretty large -- 17 methods. Has anyone carefully checked that besides "fixing the problem" reported, it doesn't break anything else? If we're sanguine about this change-set, presumably it should be published this summer *before* SqueakFest.