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1353 Morphic minor always 06-19-05 06:04 09-26-07 02:12
Larry Trutter  
new 3.8  
0001353: [BUG][FIX] TextMorph focus handling
As reported by Andreas Raab <>:

Change Set: FixTextFocus
Date: 18 June 2005
Author: Andreas Raab

This change set fixes text morph focus handling. When lazily (re)creating the text morph's paragraph we need to know whether the text morph holds the keyboard focus but this information can be hard to retrieve - it outright fails for example, when we are in a project transition.

This change set simply makes it so that text morphs explicitly remember whether they hold the focus or not.
related to 0006690new  The "Active window" is stored in the SystemWindow class rather than the world 
related to 0006187new  In 7067 on: #mouseMove send: etc. does not always get noticed. 
 FixTextFocus-ar.cs [^] (3,404 bytes) 06-19-05 06:04

06-20-05 02:57   
Are you sure you want all textmorphs to have an extra instance variable just to know which one has the keyboard focus? This is a lot of baggage to carry around. And troublesome to prove that the individual information is correct and doesn't conflict with the global belief about who has the keyboard focus.

Shouldn't there be just one authority per project that could be queried to answer that?