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1416 Multilingual minor always 07-07-05 01:05 04-08-10 14:25
0001416: [BUG]Bitstream Vera fonts overflowing bounds?
In a 5707 image with VMMaker loaded and the bitstream fonts in use (I
have 12 pt set as basic size for all styles) I notice that the bold
phrases used in the VMMakerTool to label 'Path to platforms code etc
are overflowing the right boundary of the morphs they are supposedto
live within. The code setting it all up is in VMMakerTool>buildWindow
if anyone wants to look.

I may have set up the layoutframe stuff wrong, or maybe the font
rendering is different? The label is in a TextMorph, the directory path
next to it is in a PluggableTextMorph and that wraps neatly.

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